Evernote App Review & Features“I use Evernote, but I use only a few because I don’t know its full capabilities”, says ABC TV WLOS News anchor Victoria Dunkle.

This is a common problem.  Many people don’t know about the rich environment that Evernote offers.  It is a full blown organization, note taking, collaboration tool.  It is perfect for the individual for tasking and note taking but also offers a rich feature set for more ambitious needs.  It is a great tool for small and medium size businesses that don’t want to pay and support other desktop environments.  The best part is that no matter your usage needs, all of your notes are available on all your mobile devices and on the web when ever and where ever you need  them.  Not only can you see your notes and notebooks with your smart phones and tablets, but you can edit them, too!

Check out the ABC News App Chat segment that gives you an overview of the product and it feature set.  

Tip 1:  Did you know that if you have an Evernote account, you also have an Evernote email address?

Tip 2:  While you can’t have multiple pages within a given note, you can nest notebooks to create a similar effect.