ABC TV App Chat: iPhone 5c 5s and iOS7
ABC TV App Chat: iPhone 5c 5s and iOS7

Is it upgrade time?

With the new iPhone models being announced this week, is it time to upgrade your smart phone?  Are the new features all hype or are they helpful by meeting our desired feature set?  Find out my vote below.  We’d love to hear your vote, too.

Here’s the snapshot of key features:

Apple iPhone 5c
Apple iPhone 5c

iPhone 5C (c for colorful): 

  • Comes in 5 new colors
  • Plastic Exterior (around steel frame)
  • 10 hrs browsing time, 10 hrs talk time, 10 hours video playback
  • “Console-level” graphics
  • Video 3x zoom, image stabilization, take still photos while videoing
  • Loaded with the features of iOS 7
  • Starts at $99.00 with carrier plan!

Personally, I’m shocked that Apple is entering the market with a lower cost iPhone.  This is a departure from their typical business strategy.   I think this phone will meet the need for many students, international markets where the lower priced Android phones have a large market share and for people who want an iPhone but don’t want the price tag that usually come with it, all while keeping Apple’s great styling and reliability.

iPhone 5S:

Apple iPhone 5s
Apple iPhone 5s
  • 3 sleek colors – gold, silver and space gray
  • New A7 Processor = first 64-bit smartphone ever = really fast, responsive & great for rendering graphics
  • M7 coprocessor – separate chip for managing motion.  Used in fitness apps, driving apps, etc.
  • Touch ID (Security) – Fingerprint identity for logging into your phone!  You can store multiple fingerprints.
  • Camera features – Larger sensor with larger pixels for better images.  Continuous burst mode and true tone flash for better color matching.  Auto image stabilization and slow-motion video.  And finally, live video zoom (I’ve been waiting for this feature…).
  • 16GB = $199, 32GB = $299, 64GB = $399 with mobile plan

The new A7 processor translates into faster download times, more responsive when moving between and utilizing apps, as well as,  a better graphics capability for games, apps and videos.  This is like having the power of a desktop computer in the palm of your hand.  I do extensive work on my iPhone as I am a mobile business person doing work out of the office over 50% of the time.  For me, faster is always better.   I’m not a fan of the current passcode feature so if the Touch ID fingerprint security works as touted I’ll be happy.  I’m hoping there will be fast integration of Touch ID by other app companies so I don’t have to remember so many logins and passwords for all of my accounts.  This could be the real answer for single sign on!!  We’ll see.

iOS 7

Apple iOS 7
Apple iOS 7
  • Brighter, cleaner, “smoother” interface
  • Improved multitasking features
  • Upgrades to apps such as Calendar, Mail, Safari, Phone,
  • Photo’s can be stored by moments and collections
  • iTunes Radio – quick access to radio stations and you can even create your own!
  • Translucent screens for a layering effect (you don’t feel like you have left an app to change settings, etc)
  • Improved control panel

This is Apple’s first significant change to its operating system since the early days of the iPhone.  In my review, I find that it has familiar functionality with a bright fresh new feel.  In contrast, Windows 8 departed significantly from what its user base was familiar with causing significant frustration.  To control the downward spiral, Microsoft responded by doing a re-write.   iOS7 is written specifically to take advantage of the new processor creating a powerful mix between hardware and software.  I think Apple was overdue on upgrading some of its apps including Calendar, Mail and Camera software.  If the updated apps have all the features that make an app great, it will be worth the upgrade.

Time to upgrade?

I will be upgrading my iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5S as I find the new feature sets very helpful.  However, if I had an iPhone 5, I would be jealous of the new processor features on the 5S.  I would upgrade to iOS7 and hang onto the iPhone 5 until the next new hardware comes out.  New phones come out so frequently now that waiting for the latest and greatest isn’t that far away!

What is your vote?

Do you think this release of Apple products is Hype or Helpful to you mobile needs.  We’d love to hear your vote!