ABC TV App Chat:  Mobile banking with Wells Fargo
ABC TV App Chat: Mobile banking with Wells Fargo

Mobile banking brings the branch office to you, wherever you are.

From you iPhone, iPad, Android Device or Blackberry the Wells Fargo Mobile Banking app allows you to make mobile deposits, transfer funds, and view account balances/activity from the coffee shop, the airport, restaurant or beach!

Mobile banking is on the upswing with most major banks offering a variety of features that make running to the branch office before closing a thing of the past.  Well’s Fargo states “the rate at which our online customers are adopting the mobile channel is nearly 50%”.

Wells Fargo Banking Menu
Wells Fargo Banking Menu

Well’s Fargo has a variety of online and mobile options.  They include:

  • – full set of features, accessible through any browser
  • – comprehensive website, optimized design for use on mobile devices
  • iPad App – App designed for the tablet
  • Smartphone App – Similar as iPad App but optimized design for smartphones

All of these mobile services are available securely with a single sign on account.

On Wells Fargo’s iPhone & iPad apps, one of the most popular features is “mobile deposit”.  This allows you to deposit a check by taking a picture of the front and back of a check, input the amount, and then specify the desired deposit account (checking, savings, business, personal, etc.).  It is significantly faster than going to the bank, filling out deposit slips, waiting in line, etc.  You can hang onto the check for record keeping or throw it away as you have a picture of it stored at your bank , as well as, an email confirmation.

Photo Jul 02, 9 32 59 PM
Wells Fargo Mobile Deposts

In addition to mobile deposit you can transfer funds between accounts with the touch of a finger.  It takes seconds.  “WF SurePay”  allows you to send funds directly to an individual or receive funds from other Wells Fargo or Bank Of America customers.

If you don’t want to login to the app, you can do a significant amount of banking directly through texting!  With almost 20 available texting commands you can check balances, atm locations, transfer funds, find out when payments are due, etc.  Simply send a text to 93557 with a given command such as bal, acct, atm (+zip), Tra, etc. and you will get a response with the information.  While the mobile apps are free, texting rates from your carrier may exist.

Photo Jul 03, 11 00 09 AM
Wells Fargo Texting Options

Well’s Fargo touts their apps as a “part of an integrated One Wells Fargo experience to help customers succeed financially.”   They are currently testing out Voice banking using voice commands from their mobile devices, to further expand their service.

I was happy to hear Wells Fargo offer a 24/7-dedicated toll free number for support (1-800-956-4442).  I tested it multiple times and found the staff helpful, friendly and informative.

While different banks offer a variety of mobile banking services, you can’t deny (or live without!) the ultimate convenience it provides.

Wells Fargo Texting Commands
Wells Fargo Texting Commands