Today we’re focusing on saving time when editing!

Editing docs on the iPad seems straightforward, however, there are some nuances that can make it frustrating especially when switching between apps.  Understanding the distinctions can help reduce frustration and save time.

Not all apps support the same text editing features.  For example, the Notes app behaves differently than Mail and QuickOffice®.  When a specific command doesn’t work in a given app, know that you are not doing something wrong!  It just means that the app does not support that particular functionality.

Selecting & Editing Text

OranageBulletTransparent Select a word:  Tap twice on a word. (works in almost every app)

OranageBulletTransparent Select a paragraph:  Triple tap any word within the paragraph.  (does not work in Mail or Notes apps, but works in most word processing apps like QuickOffice)

OranageBulletTransparent Select a range of text:

  • Tap any word, then grab the blue handle and drag to select a specific range.


  • Depending on which version of iOS you have, you can select a word by tapping on it and drag from anywhere with the selected word.  This is much easier than trying to grab the blue handle.

OranageBulletTransparent Editing Note:  When you have a word selected (highlighted), you don’t have to press delete.  Just start typing and it will replace the selected text.

OranageBulletTransparent Caps Lock:  Tap twice on the Arrow Key (it turns blue) to turn on caps lock.

OranageBulletTransparent New iPad User Note:  If you are new to the iPhone of iPad and haven’t found this yet, tapping the space bar twice will automatically put in a “.” and capitalize the first letter of your next sentence.

OranageBulletTransparent Insert Special Characters

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