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App Chat – Proximiant Receipt App

It is time to get rid of your paper receipt piles.  You can beam your receipts to your phone in seconds!

Today’s App Chat segment on ABC WLOS features Proximiant receipt App.  It allows you to get rid of all your paper receipts and go digital.

With Proximiant Receipt App you can:

  • store receipts
  • track expenses
  • categorize receipts
  • report on categories (ex:  a project, tax deductible expenses, groceries, food, etc.)
  • stay organized

The App is free and works on iPhone, Android and iPad devices.  Storing receipts is as easy as “tap and go”.

App Pro’s:

  • Excellent for tracking company expenses
  • Easy to categorize
  • Excellent for creating company expense reports
  • Very easy to scan (take a picture of) receipts of any length
  • Simple user interface

App Con’s:

  • Does not auto detect totalsProximiantReceiptsAppLogo
  • Not sure if store will accept returns off of the digital receipt (if receipt pmt matches your CC # they might be more likely to)

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