Add humor to your Gmail messages with this new Add-on.

If you want to lighten up the tone of your gmail messages use the new gifycat gmail add-on.  You can now access gifycat’s huge library of animated gifs from directly within gmail, without leaving your mail account.

Install the gifycat ad-on from Google’s marketplace.  When you create a new email message the ad-on option will show up in the right panel. Find the perfect message and drag the animated gif to your message and hit send.  There is no switching back-and-forth switching between sites – it is now added on as a feature within gmail.  It is easy and simple.

Animated GIFs inject humor and increases your readers’ attention.  For businesses it is an excellent way to showcase product features.

Tip:  The Add-on does not appear when you create a new message.  It will appear when you open a message that someone has sent you, allowing you to add the animated gif to email replies (rather than new messages).