App of the week – Thunderly

Does lightening thrill or scare you?  See how to track thunderstorms, in real time, in your neighborhood or anywhere on earth with this cold new app.


If thunderstorms thrill or scare you can now track the lightening in real time from anywhere on earth using the cool new app Thnderly.

See where lightening strikes across the planet. Zoom in to see more detail.   Green dots show strikes that happened within the last hour.   Tap the current location icon in the upper left hand corner to see storms in in your area.    Use the start-stop feature to measure your distance from the storm.

Under setting you can turn on your camera flash to have your phone flash each time lightening strikes.  This is fun if you turn off the light in your room or if you are under a tent.  It is like a lightening show.  You can also set your phone to vibrate when it strikes.

This cool app is fun to explore on summer nights with anyone intrigued by lightening.  I’m Francie Black.

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