If Spring cleaning is in the air, we’ve got an app to help you clear your clutter.  Letgo app allows you to sell your treasures to other folks in your local community.

You can sell clothes, furniture, cars and even your house!  Electronics like game consoles and phones are hot items.  Take a picture of the item and letgo can automatically title and categorize it for you.  Add a price, additional photos and an optional description.

Buyers will message you through the app to buy, negotiate or ask questions.

With over 75 million downloads letgo is the fastest growing app to buy and sell locally.  The app is free and available on iOS and Android.

I’m Francie Black.  Check out letgo’s online selling tips:

Online Selling Tips

1) Better photos = better offers: 10 seconds of dusting will make your coffee table much more attractive to buyers. Find an angle or spot with great light and an uncluttered background. Put smaller items like headphones or a watch on a solid rug or bed and take a photo from 45 to 90 degrees. Make sure the item’s in focus and take a few other shots from different sides.

2) Be honest: Tell buyers upfront about any wear-and-tear on your item. Most people won’t care about a scratch on the bottom of a PlayStation4, especially if the price is right. But no one wants to feel misled later on.

3) Do a quick search: Check out what other sellers are asking for comparable items and price yours competitively.

4) Be responsive: Turn on notifications so you can reply right away to buyers who message you. And remember, nothing scares away buyers more quickly than a rude seller.

5) Consider a two for one: Often, things like video games, vinyl, art supplies, toys and even jewelry sell much faster in pairs.

About letgo

Last fall, the company disclosed that its app had passed 75 million downloads in the U.S. and elsewhere, and that users had already posted more than 200 million secondhand listings, from cars to video games, since it launched in 2015. comScore recently ranked letgo second among the fastest growing apps in America since its inception.

From clothes and furniture, to game consoles and phones, over $23B is bought and sold annually on letgo. It’s only app of its kind that uses AI technology and image recognition to automatically title and categorize images (over 1.3M images daily), so listing an item is as easy as snapping a photo. In addition, letgo recently added housing listings to the mix, so you can clean house and find a new one all in one place.