We recently featured Flic app that allows you to quickly preview and delete photos with a swipe to free up space on your smartphone.

Another great photo cleanup app to add to your space saving suite, is Dr. Cleaner by Trend Micro.

If you take pictures multiple times to get the best shot, this results in similar images that take up storage space on your smartphone. Dr. Cleaner helps you solve the duplicate image problem.

The app scans your photos searching for duplicates and groups them together. The diamond shows which image it thinks you should keep. To compare a larger view, tap the image and slide between them. Select the images you wish to delete.

The app is free with no ads.

I’m Francie Black with your App of the Week.

Dr. Cleaner Direct Download Links:

  • iOS – iPhone & iPad
  • Android – Not Available.   However, there are many similar photo apps for Android.  Just be careful and make sure they are well supported apps and they don’t ask for unusual permission, etc.

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