Swalih commented on one of my YouTube videos asking, “Can we add words to predictive text?” Predictive text is the feature that suggests words that might come next in the sentence you are typing on your smartphone. It makes typing faster and easier.

On iOS you can easily add words to predictive text by going to:

  • Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement
  • Enter the word or phrase then a shortcut to retrieve it.

For example type 721 Main Street USA address as the phrase and then 721 as the shortcut.  The phrase becomes an option in predictive text.

For a full step by step instruction on how to turn predictive text on, off, hide it, reveal it check out my instructions on this YouTube video.

Android users can typically find the option for adding keyword within  keyboard settings and might be called shortcuts or auto text.   The feature location for Android devices varies depending on your phone’s software version.