Quint asked, I share a data plan with my kids how can we keep from running over?

If you are getting charged for extra cellular data these 3 tips can help get your costs under control.

First, turn off Background App Refresh. This forces your phone to install app updates when your smartphone is using Wi-Fi access and not cellular data.  To turn off Background App Refresh:

  • On iOS go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh
  • Android Users go to Settings > Advanced Features > Security Policy Updates > Download updates via > Wi-Fi only
  • Android Users should also do the following:   Settings > Data Usage > Mobile Data Usage > Go to each App and turn off “Allow background data usage”.

Second, if your phone has a hard time switching to wireless when the signal is weaker, turn off cellular to force the Wi-Fi connection.   To force a Wi-Fi connection, turn on airplane mode then turn Wi-Fi back on.  I use this feature frequently.  To force a wi-fi connection:

  • On iOS devices: On your Home Page, swipe up to see your Control Panel.  Tap the Airplane icon to turn off both cellular and Wi-Fi access.  Tap the Wi-Fi icon to turn it back on (but not cellular data).
  • Android Users:  Turn on Airplane mode.  Then turn Wi-Fi back on.

Lastly, in Settings, turn off cellular data for heavy data apps, like YouTube or many games.

  • On iOS go to Settings > Cellular.  Scroll down and turn off cellular data for desired apps like YouTube and FaceBook.
  • Android Users: Settings > Data Usage > Mobile Data Usage > Go to each App and turn off data usage.

Note:  Android instructions may be different depending on you device.

I’m Francie Black with your Tech Tip Today.