There are many image editing apps available on the app stores. A recent addition to the market is

PicMonkey – a lightweight and simple to use photo editor for quick on the go editing.

The clean user interface makes editing fast and easy. You can add layers of filters and colors for creating unique looks. Apply filters to all or a portion of the photo.   Add text, stickers, and draw all for free. The advantage of PicMonkey is that you can edit photos on your phone or tablet then if you need more advanced photo-editing features you can use PicMonkey’s popular web based application.  You can access the online application from any browser and it is loaded with features.  Many features are free and more advanced features are available on the Pro version.

PicMonkey’s mobile app focuses on a core set of features that make editing fast & efficient for anyone while on the go. This free app is available on iOS and Android.

I’m Francie Black with your app of the week.

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