If you doodle, sketch or paint today’s app is king when it comes to drawing apps.  Sketchbook has been around for a while and has morphed over time from a simple app to an award winning, high-end drawing tool.

Artwork credit:  Autodesk (Developers of SketchBook)

The app is easy to use.  Pick your brushes, colors or shapes to make your work of art.  Use symmetry features and add layers.  You can create simple sketches in a flash or dig into the pro version to create amazing works of art.

The app is fabulous for hobbyist yet powerful enough for pros.  The SketchBook mobile app is an excellent way for kids to get introduced to and experiment with digital art.  They can doodle and draw anywhere, anytime.


Free Version

The free version offers excellent tools including many brushes, full color wheel, symmetry tools and up to 3 layers.  You can apply textures, feather shapes, splatters, half tones to the drawing brushed.

When you need more layers, brushes and patterns add the Pro tools on your mobile device for $4.99.

Pro Versions

If you want to be able to edit your artwork on any device including your desktop, laptop, or mobile device then you will need the annual application subscription for $29.99.   This gives you access to desktop version in addition to the pro tools on your mobile device.  You can access your drawing and edit from any of your devices.  The desktop version offers features beyond those that are available on the mobile app pro version.

SketchBook Desktop and Mobile


At the 2016 New York Comic Con, customers involved with My Little Pony,Stranger Things, “Star Wars,” “Star Trek,” Game of Thrones, “Superman,” “Batman,” “Suicide Squad” and Halo 3 all showcased their drawing skills with SketchBook as the preferred tool.

19 Second Time Lapse:  Artwork by AutoDesk, makers of Sketchbook

Alternative App

A similar powerful drawing app for iOS is Procreate.  It is very popular among iPhone uses.  One of the biggest differences between Procreate and SketchBook is the cross-platform and multi device support.  They are both top-tier apps.

Check out more SketchBook features & functionality and compare the various device options.


You can create and edit on your Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device.


  • Free – Smartphone/Tablet  App
  • $4.99 – Add Pro tools to the mobile version (more brushes, layers, etc.)
  • $29.99/yr Pro Subscription – Get the pro tools plus access to the desktop/laptop version which has features not available on the mobile app.  You can create and edit from any device.

Direct Download Links

Here is a comparison of the free version vs the Pro subscription option.

Happy drawing!

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