Graphic Design Made Easy with Adobe Spark Post App.

Powerful. Easy. Free.

Adobe Spark Post, is a killer app for creating stunning graphics in a flash. No design skills are required to create professional graphical layouts for social media, printing or the web. And, it can all be done from your smartphone while on the go. This is a free and powerful tool for individuals who want to create awesome image posts; small businesses with small budgets that want to impress; or big businesses that want to encourage any employee to create awesome graphic designs.

With Adobe Spark Post you can easily create beautiful baby shower announcements, anniversary announcements, marketing flyers, real estate marketing graphics, restaurant marketing images, camp flyers, etc.

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Easy to Get Started

Adobe Spark Post Remix Example
Made with Adobe Spark Post Remix Templates

Spark Post is loaded with features yet it is easy to use. The fastest and easiest way to get started is by using the Adobe “Remix” template designs. Choose from over one hundred professionally designed layouts that have images, fonts, and layouts for just about every type of event. Change the wording, colors and social media outlet (for size) to match your style and you are done. Upload to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. You can mail or message your creation to a friend or save it to your camera roll for uploading to your website. This literally can take as little as few minutes. If you decide to use any of the (almost) limitless customization options, then it might take a little longer.

If you want to create from scratch, select a background image from your photo libraries the choose where the image will be posted: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. This will determine the size of your graphic. Edit the sample text, then tap on different themes to see a wide assortment of text format styles.

You can use your own images for a background our free images supplied by Adobe stock footage.

Animation Features

Along with features like style, fonts and color you can add motion to your graphics to make them pop. You can have text fade in, slide in, or grow. You can have the background image zoom in or out, pan left or right, or change focus to draw attention. These are just a few of the animated options. When you save the animated images they are saved as short video clips (approximately 4 seconds).

Made with Adobe Spark Post Remix Templates
Made with Adobe Spark Post Remix Templates


When you are done with your creation you can post to any of the top social media sights, send the image via messaging, save the image locally, or mail it. Adobe has recently improved and stream lined the share feature.


When you begin using Adobe Spark Post there is a watermark on the image you create. However, if you share the app with a friend from within Spark Post, the watermark will be removed. That seems like a reasonable trade for keeping the app free and there are no ads.

Adobe Spark – Suite of Content Creation Apps

Adobe Spark Post is part of a suite of free apps by Adobe that lets anyone on a mobile device or the web create high-end visual content.  Adobe Spark Post is focused on graphical images.  Adobe Spark Video lets you create incredible video stories in a flash.  See my review and demo: Combine videos, images, and text to make compelling stories.   Adobe Spark Page is designed for creating compelling web pages using modern layouts combined with images and video.


While Adobe Spark Post, Spark Video and Spark Page mobile apps are only available on iOS, anyone can use the web based versions.  Adobe states that Android versions are coming soon but no date is listed.

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