santa-call-app-icon-A-call-from-santa-text-santa-voicemailIf you want to have a little fun with your kids this Christmas, schedule a call with Santa Claus. The app Santa Phone Call allows you to set up a time for receiving a special personalized call from the Jolly O’ elf.

Simply tap “Schedule a Call” and add the Child’s name and interests. You can have Santa call for being naughty or nice.   Or, have him wish your child a Merry Christmas. Let him know when you would like to receive the call and your phone will ring at that time.

Check out the video to hear a little portion of a call I had with Santa this morning!

how-to-get-a-call-from-santa-claushow-to-get-a-call-from-santa-clausHave your child answer for a fun surprise. Santa will talk with your child for a little over a minute.

For more fun, leave Santa a Voicemail message or text Santa Claus. Using the “Call Voicemail” button you can record your Christmas wish list on Santa’s voicemail, check the weather on the North Pole, put someone on the naughty or nice list, or hear the names of Santa’s reindeer.

If you text Santa, he will promptly reply!

Basic features are free with ads. For $1.99 you can remove ads, have Santa say your child’s name and interests.

This app is fun and puts a smile on the face of children young and old.

Santa Call is available for iOS and Android.

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Enjoy! And have a happy holiday season!