Jenny sent in, “I’ll be traveling this summer. Is there an easy way to back up my smartphone? There are a variety of backup options, depending on your needs. There are clever devices like iShowFast USB Flash Drive with Lightning connector. Plug it into the power port and select the files you want to backup. If desired, copy files to your PC using the USB port. It is easy to use, lightweight and ultra portable. If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution that will back up multiple devices to a single drive (show pic here) try the My Passport Wireless. Backup you phone or computer wirelessly, or use an SD card to transfer photos and videos. This is a powerful backup option.

More info on iShowFast Drive:

My written review with lots of good detail:

iShowfast by iCirround Pricing:

(as of April 17, 2016 on

  • 16 GB – $76.00
  • 32 GB – $99.95
  • 64 GB – $149.95
  • 128 GB – $219.95

iShowFast is available for purchase at Amazon and other retailers. If you are unable to find this exact brand many retailers such as BestBuy, Target & Walmart all carry similar devices.


More info on MyPassport Wireless

Written Review with lots of good detail:


  • My Passport Wireless – 1TB:  $149.00
  • My Passport Wireless – 2TB:  $179.00

Direct Purchase Link:  Passport Wireless