Viewer David sent in the following, “My phone shows I have wi-fi access but I can’t connect to the Internet. Can you help?”

Periodically a smartphone has a hard time automatically switching from cellular access to Wi-Fi. This can be due to a low signal or software glitch. Sometimes a phone reboot will solve the problem. 

A quicker solution is to force your data connection to Wi-Fi, bypassing any cellular signal.

To do this on iOS device – from the Control Panel Tap Airplane mode. This turns off both cellular and wi-fi. Then, tap the Wi-Fi to turn only your Wi-Fi signal back on.

For Android devices – Go to Wi-Fi Settings and turn off Mobile Data.  Forcing a connection to Wi-Fi can keep you from using cellular data, when you don’t intend to.

If forcing your connection to Wi-Fi does not work, try a restarting your phone.