Amazon Cloud Photos Storage App Icon 150Amazon Prime Photo App:  Many people use their smartphones as their primary camera generating hundreds of digital keepsakes.  Storage space on your smartphone can easily be filled up between apps, photos and videos.  If your looking for an economical way to backup and store your photos (freeing up space on your smartphone) Amazon Prime Photo Storage is a good option.  Amazon Prime Photo Storage offers unlimited photo storage for free if you have an active Amazon Prime membership (U.S. only).  When you purchase Amazon Prime for $99.00/year ($49.00 for students) you get free two-day shipping, Prime Instant Video, Prime Music, Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and Prime Photos.  Prime Photo Storage is like a subset of Amazon Cloud drive where you can store documents, videos and other files in addition to Photos.  Videos can be stored on Prime Photos but will count against your total Cloud Drive storage.  Cloud Drive offers 5GB of free data storage.  The fees for increased data storage are at reasonable rates: 20GB for $10/year, 50GB for $25/year up to 1000GB for $500/year.


Amazon Cloud Storage Photo App 250Key features of Amazon Prime Photo App

Currently the primary purpose of the Amazon Prime Photo app is to serve as a backup for photos on your smartphones Camera Roll.  Once your photos are backed up to the Amazon cloud Photos you can delete the images from your phone to free up space.  There are not a lot extra features on Amazon Photo App such as photo editing, group sharing options, or carousels for enhanced viewing.  The key purpose is to provide Amazon Prime users free unlimited backup space, which is excellent.  Most Prime users are not aware they have this option.  Key features of Amazon Photo App are:

  • Automatic backup of photos (and videos) to the cloud
  • Free unlimited photo storage for Prime members
  • Access to the photos via smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • Sharing options:  Messages, Mail, Twitter, etc.
  • Easily download and save photos to your computer using the web browser
  • Easily upload photos from your desktop to Amazon Cloud Photos to make them available on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Meta data for the images is easily available:  date uploaded, resolution, image type and file name.

Amazon Cloud Storage Photo App

Things to know about Amazon Cloud Photo Storage:

  • If you delete photos from Amazon Photo storage (web based or from the app) they do not delete the photos from your smartphone Photos app (Camera Roll).
  • If you delete photos from your smartphone Photos app (Camera Roll) that have already been backed up to Amazon Cloud Photo storage they will not be automatically deleted from Amazon Photo.  In other words, once photos from your smartphone Camera Roll have been backed up to Amazon Photos they are stored there as an extra copy.  So, if you don’t need the 30 pictures your children took of your neighbors cat, delete them before your phone backs up so you don’t have to delete them twice (from Photos App Camera Roll and Amazon Cloud Photos App)!
  • IMPORTANT:  Set your Amazon Photo preference if you want your photos to be backed up on Wi-Fi Only or Wi-Fi + Cellular.  Using Wi-Fi + Cellular can may cause overages on fees on your cellular data plan.
  • To turn-off Auto-Save so that you can manually turn on when you want your photos backed up by tapping Settings > Auto-Save from within Amazon Photos App
  • You cannot select which pictures get backed up.  Your entire smartphone photo library (Camera Roll) gets backed up.


How does Amazon Cloud Photos differ from Dropbox Carousel?

There are many features that are similar between Dropbox features and Amazon Cloud Drive Photos service.  The key difference is that you have a limited amount of available free space on Dropbox.  Other features such as sharing and file manipulation are more enhanced on Dropbox.  Depending on your needs one option might work better for you than the other.  I use Dropbox significantly but I have a problem with storage restrictions and when I have the free option with Amazon Cloud Drive Photos, I have switched moved my photos to free up space on Dropbox.

  • Dropbox offers 2 GB of free storage.  Dropbox Carousel users are eligible for 3GB of bonus space.
  • Upgrading to Dropbox Pro for 1 TB (1,000 Gigabytes) is $9.99/month or $99/year.
  • Dropbox has better group sharing options
  • Dropbox offers better control of managing images:  carousel, grouping, naming, etc.
  • When someone shares photos with you it counts against your storage space (and theirs)
  • Excellent User interface with great functionality and features


Direct Download links to Amazon Photo mobile app:

What happens to my photos if I cancel my Prime membership?

If you cancel your Prime membership or choose not to renew it, you will lose the unlimited photo options and your uploaded photos will count toward your Cloud Drive storage limit.  Cloud Drive currently offers 5GB of free drive storage space.  With the Prime membership you get the option to store unlimited photos.

Details for managing:

This will tell you what your current subscriptions are for cloud drive, and what your storage options are.

To use Amazon Prime Photo App, simply log in with your account.