These two fun games are sure to add a little fright to your Halloween adventures.  Both Haunted Escape and Haunted Manor 2 are new game versions created for Halloween 2014. These are second generation games as they both had different versions for Halloween 2013.  While Haunted Escape is for all audiences, Haunted Manor 2 is a bit frightful and may be intimidating for younger audiences.

Haunted Escape by TeraLumina

In Haunted Escape by TeraLumina you need to collect a variety of frightful items to create the potion that allows you to escape the haunted room in which you are trapped.  This is a fun light hearted game that can be played by anyone of any age.  Click and tap to get the tools, carve your pumpkins and find bats to gain more points.  You’ll have solve a few puzzles in order to find your way out!

Haunted Halloween Escape Screen Shots TeraLumina

Haunted Halloween escape game app image teralumina


Haunted Manor 2 by RedBit Games

In Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery by RedBit you are trying to get into the manor to help solve the mystery that occurred in previous versions.  Its music and graphics are a bit creepy and may be intense for younger audiences.  It is an adventure game that tests your observation skills and has challenging riddles that must solved in order to progress through the game.  It is a more serious haunted adventure game.  Its graphics and sounds will fill a room with fright.   Use Apple TV to play the iOS version of the game on a TV with a room full of people for added Halloween fun.

RedBit Games Manor Mansion 2 Image

RedBit Games Haunted Manor 2 Gate Image



Download Links Tera Lumina’s Haunted Halloween Escape


Download Links for RedBit Games – Haunted Manor 2 – The Horror behind the Mystery – Lite.