Founded in 2014, Fitnet delivers a personal, mobile fitness experience combining biometric sensors, fitness coaching and online workout buddies. Increasing costs of healthcare, diabetes and awareness of the benefits of regular exercise are motivating individuals and organizations to implement group fitness programs.

As the ONLY biometric webcam fitness app, Fitnet utilizes gigabit Internet and computer vision technology to help users achieve health goals with mobile interactive fitness sessions. This webcam is the local eyes of the trainer providing instant feedback on performance.  This allows Fitnet to give users the same workout experience as a personal training session with the convenience of working out any place, at any time.

Fitnet was recognized by NSF, Mozilla and TechCrunch as an App of the Future and was ranked in the Top 5 iTunes Health and Fitness Apps Among WebMD, Weight Watchers and Disney Magic Timer apps.  It was listed as the #1 New Health and Fitness App for iPhone iTunes.

Key Features
Real People. Real Results.
Fitnet is a platform enabling more than 250,000 certified fitness trainers to connect with clients via mobile. Clients are motivated and connected to neighborhood trainers, rather than out of touch celebrities. These fitness professionals are present and panting right along with the user, encouraging and coaching them through each workout, which creates a special bond between the trainer and user. It’s similar to a gym experience – but more convenient, and without everyone staring.

A Workout For Anyone’s Favorite Fitness Flavor.
Cardio, Strength Training, Yoga – Oh My! Fitnet offers over 180 free workouts (and counting!) for all body styles and varying intensities. New workouts are continuously added to the app so users will never experience a dull workout moment!

Busy Schedule? We’ve Got You Covered.
Got five minutes? Then you have time for a Fitnet workout. From the new mom to the road warrior and everyone in between, Fitnet created short workout modules to fit your schedule. Users have the option to continue to the next five minutes workout or finish with a three-minute cool down. This allows users to workout as much or as little as you want each day in order to achieve customized fitness goals.


  • Free!

Supported Platforms

  •  iPhone &  iPad
  • Android coming by end of year

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