GUEST POST:  Skoyz, by Flow Circus.


skoyz-euro-4x6-hiresJuggling, kendama, flower sticks, and chatter ring – physical games many of us used to play as kids, teens or adults.  Now our eyes are often glued to a screen and there is reduced personal interaction and physical activity.  Skoyz® is an application that teaches you how to juggle, use flower sticks, kendama and chatter rings in a fun and encouraging way.  The founders, Paul Miller and Dawn Daria have taught tens of thousands of people to juggle and are bringing their professional skills to you through Skoys application.

How can we help tweens and teens practice building a bridge between the development of digital and physical skills?  Skoyz, a new web based app from the team at Flow Circus, provides a playful solution.  Skoyz web application is a blend of technology, games, and physical activity.



Skoyz allows users a stress-free way to discover and learn new physical skills such as juggling. Based on over a decade of teaching experience, instructional videos are curated allowing players to learn efficiently and practice problem solving. Dropping is not failure, but just a step in the process of improving. The app has unique features designed to motivate players to practice, reflect on progress, and ultimately persist. Players can also join teams to help strengthen relationships and build a community of support.


The first iteration of Skoyz includes instructional videos in a variety of skill toys such as juggling, kendama, flower sticks, and chatter ring that users can browse. The videos are categorized to provide a roadmap for new learners. Future developments to the app will include the ability to log practice time, take notes on practice sessions, and upload videos of progress. Players will create user accounts and have player profiles displaying achievements, ribbons, and tricks mastered. These accomplishments can be shared with others through social media or by joining teams. Simply put, the players will be able to learn, log, and share new physical skills.


skoyz-practice-screenJuggling and these other skill toys are not only a wonderful way to bridge the digital and real world, but also serve as an engaging tool for adults and teens to engage together. Lots of adults want to be jugglers, too. Skoyz will allow families and educational organizations to create teams of players learning together. See what tricks teammates are working on, set up real world practice sessions to help coach each other, or work on virtual challenges such as accruing a certain amount of practice minutes over the course of a week. Engage in play together, both digitally and physically.


You can start learning new skills today for free by visiting We are currently crowdfunding to add log, share, and team functions as well as make it available in the App Store. You can pre-order a player plus account that will have full access for $5 or a Family Team for $25 on our Indiegogo campaign page.


Flow Circus has been promoting active learning and play through the juggling arts for twelve years. They love engaging groups in play and providing individual learners with opportunities to problem solve their way to mastery while building resilience and confidence in the process.


Try to remember the magical moment of first learning to ride a bike and experiencing the feeling on balancing on two wheels. Skoyz creates hundreds of these magical firsts such as keeping the juggling pattern going or mastering a new trick and makes them easily accessible through technology.


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  • Based out of Wake Forest, NC
  • Target Audience:  tweens, teens, and adults
  • 1st Release:  March 30, 2014