Fun. Fun. Fun. These accessories turn you mobile devices into an expression of your personality! These top picks were selected from thousands of accessories showcased at International CES.  Who would think that we can make our mobile devices fun, stylish and give them some bling?

We’ll look at smartphone mounts, cases, organization gadgets and bling from multiple companies including Jellyfish , The Joy Factory,, RooCase, and MimoPower.


Jellyfish fun iPhone Accessories JellyFish Compact Speaker JellyFish Starter Set

This set of accessories by are sure to please any teenage girl.  This online store is like the Claire’s of iPhone bling accessories.  These bright and colorful accessories range from beaded Home Buttons, phone charms, to compact cases with a mirror that double as wireless speakers.  Your teenager can dress up herself and her smartphone!  The folks at Jellyfish feel that your phone isn’t just a device it is a reflection of your personality.   Check out Jellyfish accessories at  Four and five piece sets are around $29.00.


MOS Magnetic Organizing System

Get cable accessory organized with the MOS – Magnetic Organization System by Sewell.  This smart gadget keeps your accessory power cables from sliding off of your desk or counter keeping them all in one place.  If your cable doesn’t have a magnetic end, don’t worry, the MOS comes with 3 clip magnetic cable ties.  You can get fancy and even mount the organizer on the wall or side of a desk!  Check out the MOS at  or at  Depending on which style you choose, the MOS organizers typically run between $20.00 – $40.00.


RooCase Football Samsung Galaxy  RooCase Flip Cover Wallet iPhone 5C  RooCase 3 Way Samsung Galaxy has a wide variety of protective cases for those precious electronics.  Their products range from flip cover wallet cases, protective cases that rotate both horizontally and vertically to Neoprene bubble cases for your eBook Reader that provide an extra level of protection.  Check out the full line of products at or for purchasing see their list of  resellers which include Amazon, WalMart, BestBuy, etc.


JoyFactory BubbleShield Waterproof phone case JoyFactory iPad Tri Pod Mount Joy Factory Bike Mount has high quality stands, mounts, kiosks, tough cases, tripod mounts, bike mounts, etc.  In addition they carry mounts and accessories for individuals with special needs such as wheelchair mounts and a stylus designed to be used by holding it in your mouth.  The BubbleShield, by JoyFactory, is a simple reusable waterproof sleeve for SmartPhones that can be hooked or tied to an object such as clothing.  This BubbleShield is great for when you go to the beach, pool, kayaking, or participate any water sport.  A pack of two BubbleShield cases is approximately $20.00.


TechTent iPhone Fun Speaker

While this silicone horn stand and speaker by TechTent makes a fun iPhone or iPad stand it truly amplifies the sound!    You can find this product and a large selection of HDMI Cables, TV Mounts, Accessories at or on Amazon.  This silicon speaker sells for less than $5.00 and makes a fun gift.  The only downside is that (like most stands) you have to take your iPhone out of its case to use it.


Mimo Power BatterBot

The mimopower BatteryBot, funded with KickStarter, was introduced at International CES.  It is claimed to be the only character based rechargeable backup battery for smartphones, tablets & mobile devices.  These creative characters provide backup power for your mobile devices when you don’t have access to an outlet.  These innovative designed chargers come as Animal Critterz, Star Wars and Adventure Time characters.   You can pre order the chargers at for $49.99.  Mimoco also carries fun creative USB flash drives in the form of Ugly Doll, Star Trek, South Park, and Star Wars.

These unique accessories make great gift for teens, dads, moms and just about anyone.

Products featured include JellyFish cases, bling accessories, phone charm, music compacts. From Sewell Direct we feature the awesome MOS Magnetic Organization System. The Joy Factory has great products including the simple but smart BubbleShield. Tech Tent is loaded with products including the fun silicone stand and horn speaker for the iPhone. Roocase has awesome cases and MimoPower has great character based rechargeable batteries.