TouchCopy Application Saving Text Messages

Have you ever wanted to save the history of your text messages? Maybe you have a loved one that has passed on, your children have sent you special notes, or perhaps you need to save your text messages for business or legal reasons.

There are a variety of ways to save text messages and the options are quite different for Android and iOS devices. We will look solutions for both platforms with options such as:  Touch Copy, SMS Backup & Restore, GCloudBlackup, Uppidy and other techniques such as screen capture and forwarding.  TouchCopy’s full featured desktop app also backs up contacts, voicemail messages, images and much more!

In today’s App Chat you will find out what works best for your needs!

Apps discussed include Android options such as SMS Backup & Restore, GCloudBackup, Uppidy. For iOS users we will look at: Screen Capture, Message Forwarding, Messages App, TouchCopy app.